Works of art provide prominent platform to keep good relationship between the countries, because the mediation the spirit inside the creator’s soul strengthening the consciousness that inside we are same; sensitive, frail, desire the beauty. Wolfram E. Keller and Knöfler Charlotte artists’ joint exhibition, called “Perspective” brings this experience to Budapest.

The Gallery of Secrets is not the only international exhibition, but special that it has been praised by Gerd W. Fiedler, renowned German art historian’s curatorial work. Wolfram E. Knöfler thematises on his paintings the todays’ lonely people, we easily identify ourselves with the illustrated figures and we recognize our anxieties, longings, involvement. Charlotte Keller’s terracotta statues representations of children’s idealized of beauty, harmony and artistic projections. Their works, even if their view is different a great complement each other and their messages remain pronounced.

Dr. Heinz-Peter Behr, Germany’s ambassador to Hungary and Márta Simonffy, the Deputy Mayor in charge of human affairs Terézváros also participated on the venue. The opening speeches gave opportunity to a short memorial to the recently deceased former German Foreign Minister Hans Dietrich Genscher’s honor. Gaspar Szilvi Jazz Duo cared for the pleasant atmosphere..